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We’re a boutique SEO agency. Our main services are audits, strategies, consulting, content, and link outreach. If that’s not what you’re looking for then you don’t need to read any further. Thank you for your interest. We wish you the best of success on the Web.

Why are we “boutique” rather than “full service”? The short answer is we prefer to work with clients with flexible short-term SEO needs. If you’re just starting your online business we’ll be glad to work with you. In our free consultation call we’ll explain what it takes to get an online business going (a lot of work and usually a bit of money). Even if you decide not to work with us you’ll finish the call with increased knowledge about the SEO industry and – hopefully – more realistic expectations.

If this isn’t your first rodeo and you just want someone to do the leg work for you, we bring a lot of experience to the table. We’ve worked with large corporate sites as both in-house and agency SEO specialists. We manage our own portfolio of Websites. We collect a lot of data across many topic categories every month. We see things other small agencies miss and big SEO agencies don’t know how to handle.

That’s our sales pitch. If you want to know more about us here is some biographical information. The contact info is at the bottom of the page. We look forward to scheduling a free call with you at your convenience. We’d like a chance to get to know more about you and what you need.

About Reflective Dynamics, Inc.

We are Randy Ray and Michael Martinez. Randy and Michael formed Reflective Dynamics, Inc. in 2012. Both partners brought a lot of Web marketing experience to the business.

Randy held several marketing positions for companies like Hotels.Com and PokerStars. He learned a few things about what people want to buy along the way. Randy leveraged his marketing expertise to build a franchise of affiliate marketing sites that sold for 7 figures. To this day Randy still loves to build Websites that draw many visitors.

Michael built his first Website in 1996. He joined the search engine optimization community in 1998. His research into innovative methods helped to revolutionize Web marketing systems across the world. In 2006 Michael took a position with a company formerly known as Visible Technologies. At the time they specialized in search reputation management for billionaires, Fortune 500 companies, and maybe a few governments. That same year Michael started the SEO Theory blog, where he pioneered revolutionary ideas that consistently outlasted the link spam strategies that were popular at the time.

Michael Martinez was often the first marketer to advocate a majority of EFFECTIVE “best practices” now widely used in SEO.

Michael has a reputation for identifying problems with Websites faster than most people in the industry. He earns that reputation every day by assisting other marketers assess and solve critical in several online discussion communities.

Randy has a reputation for being an amazing keyword strategist. He works with other marketers, mentoring them and helping them set achievable goals that meet their needs.

Both Randy and Michael are experienced writers with thousands of high-visibility articles to their credit. Michael’s personal expertise in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien has won him acclaim and media attention around the world. Randy manages a team of writers he knows and works with personally, creating content for clients in many industries including attorneys, gaming companies, small businesses, and affiliate marketers in multiple niches.

What Reflective Dynamics Does For You

Every agency must perform an audit to learn about your site. If you feel you don’t need an in-depth audit we’ll keep it simple. We want you to know we actually study your site and learn about it. We’ll ask you questions. We’ll ask you for information.

Randy and Michael work directly with clients to develop short-term and long-term strategies. Both our executives have been building traffic for Websites for more than 15 years. Michael built his first site in 1996.

Our content specialists have written much of the copy for some of the Web’s most successful affiliate Websites. We’ll do the same for you.

Some of our clients come to us for help in acquiring more links. They’ve tried the spammy link farms and blog networks. It goes without saying they did not enjoy the penalties they earned.

Reflective Dynamics works with each client, researching their customers’ needs and interests, and developing high-impact content that fulfills emotional and technical needs. Our team engages in targeted outreach to high-value Websites.

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